New challenge

New Challenge

Dear friends !

Greetings of the day ! I hope all is well with all of you 🙂

As I mentioned here about me and my life; always eager for new challenge. After two successful movie releasing, got new challenge for the 3rd movie. This time its bit complicated challenge, to be proved as film lead. Friends, with the blessings from god and wishes from you all, my 3rd Gujarati film is now going to finished. Some flashes of this movie :

  • Film audition and location hunting managed from abroad (Qatar)
  • Film shooting finished in only 12 days, including 2 days out of Gujarat location. (with minimum workshop)
  • First time I’m directing this film and wrote screenplay-dialogue
  • First time introducing teenage music directors Tanay Joshi and Pathik Maniyar.

I need your blessing, wishes and support for new challenge.

Movie Deatil :Thank you, with Love 

Ritesh Mokasana & team


About RSM

A freelance writer and film maker. Loves to travel across the world is dream of life ! Playing a sport is another way of life :) સર્વે પ્યારા વાચકો ને મારા નમસ્કાર !!
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2 Responses to New challenge

  1. Vimala Gohil કહે છે:

    3rd movie, good news. our blessings, wishes for you.

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